Early Years - Rated Outstanding - Make the most of a free place The government provides funding for a free nursery school place at the provider of your choice, so why not choose a provider that is rated outstanding, with an excellent record and an enviable reputation. It will also give you a no obligation guarentee of a place in the prep school if you decide this is what you want. Children normally complete the foundation stage in the nursery school (usually this takes until the end of reception) and will learn how to read simple books, to write and gain basic maths skills. We will give you work, reading books etc, to share at home with your child and while of course this is not compulsory, it is very popular with parents. Introduction to these core skills is offered within a well balanced curriculum that includes; sports, dance, drama, French and other optional extras like Gym club. The basic free place provides for 15 hours per week during the 38 term time weeks (see term dates + second week in the summer half term) and would normally be 3 sessions either morning or afternoon. We will work with you to try and give you the sessions you want but this is subject to availability and your session days and times may be varied throughout the year. There are small extras; a lunch, breakfast ans snack per morning session and a snack per afternoon session. Extra add on sessions can be purchased if required. If you are a working parent and want care and education all year round (educational activities are maintained all year) then we offer a range of a range of fixed low cost nursery school places that includes the free place funding.
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